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What Difference Can
We Make For You?

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A HAVI Group, LP Company

We Make

The Difference

For marketing leaders who are under pressure,
The Marketing Store is the agency whose unconventional mix of talent
brings relentless curiosity and attention to detail,
delivering inventive play-filled solutions that make the difference.

Where We've Made
The Difference

We are dedicated to making long-term relationships with all
of our clients. Four of our clients have been with us for
a combined 62 years.

What Difference Can We Make For You?

The Difference
We Make

We Deliver

One of The World’s
Largest Promotions

As one of the world’s top promotions agencies (#1 in promotional Contests, Sweeps and Games according to 2012 PROMO Magazine), we know a thing or two about activating a brand and lifting sales. And, for 10 years, we have managed the strategy, design, digital execution, packaging, gamepiece printing (over 1 billion), compliance, partnership development, licensing, signage and events for one of the largest promotional games across 15 countries.

We Trailblaze

New Paths
To Purchase

Our digital and mobile teams know how to supercharge brands and put them in people’s hands. For the past year, our objective has been clear—make Softcard the #1 mobile payment brand in the country. Whether it’s mobile payments, NFC-activated displays, loyalty platforms, or discounts and offers, if it’s digital—we’re tapped in.

We Make

Nearly 1 Billion
Toys and Products
Each Year

For 27 years, we have been making amazing things, and this year alone, we will make over one billion products —from toys to furniture— for retailers and restaurants. With over 280 brand and licensing partners, there’s a good chance you’ve held our work in your hands.

We Drive

$100 Million A Year For
One Client

And that’s with just one promotion. How? As the CRM agency of record for Infiniti and Nissan North America, we build relationships between customer and retailer through highly personalized communications driven by data.

We Make
The Difference

The Agency

We’re a think different, act different, deliver different kind of agency.

The Team

We draw upon a wonderfully unexpected mix of talent – strategic gurus, digital wizards,
writers, artists, tinkerers, toy makers, and even engineers – to create and execute
powerful brand activations, customer engagements and events that move people, bring
a smile, and open wallets wide.

The Superpower

Relentlessly curious, we dig into your brand, take it apart and put it back together to see
how it all works. For us, problems are puzzles and play is our life’s work. Play is powerful
stuff – an essential tool of human engagement. Do it well – in a way that’s right for the
brand – and great things happen.

The Experience

We run one of the single largest promotions on the planet. Make more than 1 billion
products and toys a year. Help new products find their way to shelf and into consumers’
homes every day. At events, we make dancers of onlookers and tweeters of talkers.
Believers into brand loyalists.

The Pitch

We do it all in the service of making people smile, the register ring and brand managers
sleep better at night. So when people ask us what we do, the short and sweet of it is,
“We Make The Difference.”

What Difference Can We Make For You?

What We're Thinking
(And Doing)

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